Version 1.5.2

Suppressed some unnecessary
tags at the beginning of some notes
Checked compatibility with new Reunion 9
Checked compatibility with new design of Online Family Trees on Geneanet (geneweb 5.x)

Version 1.5.1

Fixed a problem in sources conversion

Version 1.5.0

New option to set private tags (not exported)

Version 1.4.2

Solved a problem with child status not imported
Recompiled with xCode 2.4.1 (Tiger)

Version 1.4.1

Universal binaries
Recompiled with xCode 2.3 (Tiger)

Version 1.4.0

New help system re-written with RapidWeaver
Recompiled with xCode 2.2 (Tiger)

Version 1.3.6

Added management of witness with a marriage
Godparent data in HEREDIS are handled correctly
Baptism event in HEREDIS is handled correctly
Added a blank line between 2 notes at the same level
Recompiled with xCode 2.0 (Tiger)

Version 1.3.6

Gedcom File can be displayed in a separated window before or after the conversion
All major events appearing more than one time are now handled and not only the BURI events
Solved a problem when some sources could be truncated
Solved a problem when running the conversion a second time could make the application crashing

Version 1.3.5

Only one drawer for table management
Add Setting of Relationships
Solved a problem when the tables could not be modified.

Version 1.3.4

Solved a problem when the application crashed if no preference file exists.

Version 1.3.3

Error in previous installation package

Version 1.3.2

The program keeps the name of already used files and displays the list in a popup menu
New option in "File" menu to clear the files' history
New "Window" menu to display table settings
Dates in sources and notes are now formated
All open drawers are now closed before one is displayed
Correction of a few bugs

Version 1.3.1

Rewrote table management
User can choose memos that are converted into notes
User can choose special notes that are converted into general notes
Correction for a bug when loading default Child Status
Correction of some errors with the english help and interface

Version 1.3.0

MacOS X 10.3 only
User can choose events and facts that should be converted into a note
Flags and Child Status are handled
More preferences are saved
Option to add marriage's memo and family events to the family note
Option to add events' memos to the general notes
Multiple burial events are put into a note
New Help file

Version 1.2.5

New Interface
New option to display the last modification date of a person sheet as a note
Embedded sources within notes are now correctly handled
Embedded sources are now displayed in italic font

Version 1.2.4

New option to include Medical notes
Correction of a badly set option (english version) that could cause a misfunction of the interface)
Completely rebuild for use in xCode 1.5

Version 1.2.3

Enhancement in the treatment of notes
Unecessary data is no more included in the outut file
Correction of a few bugs
Recompiled with xCode 1.5

Version 1.2.2

Suppressed hiding the progress indicator which is only compatible with MacOS X 10.3 (Panther)

Version 1.2.1

Error trapping during execution and message boxes on file's errors

Version 1.2.0

New reading routine to avoid file truncation when a control character resides in the file
User's defaults are saved
New option to embedd the first line of text in SOURces which have no field defined

Version 1.1.5

Correction of a few bugs

Version 1.1.4

Correction of a few bugs

Version 1.1.3

Better treatment of facts
Progress information

Version 1.1.2

Correction of a few bugs
Recompiled for Panther
New option for force someone as dead

Version 1.1.1

Not released
Correction of a few bugs

Version 1.1.0

First released version